wedding packages and prices          Plain, clear, and simple


Bride: The price for the bride is 150$ and includes a trial run in our office located downtown Indianapolis, false lashes, our lipstick of choice to retouch yourself during the day and airbrush makeup system

Bridesmaids and family members: 100$ per person , and includes also false lashes and airbrush makeup system.

Flower girls: 50$


0-15 miles around Indianapolis Area: included

16-20 miles around Indianapolis area 50$

25 and up miles around Indianapolis area 100$


Bride: 100$ including a trial run if we have makeup services hired too. 

Bride hair only: 95$

Bridesmaids and family members: 100$

Kids: 50$

Deposit : 200$ (deductible from your total when you book your wedding with us). Non refundable.


As today 9/15/2017 Jacks Von Liria Cosmetics is no longer accepting single brides on high wedding season. In order for us to work on your wedding day, we established some minimums for the peak of the wedding season, to ensure our artists can keep working with us.

JANUARY AND FEBRUARY:  No minimum required

MARCH: 500$ minimum required

APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY: 1000$ Minimum required (800$ Friday and Sunday weddings)

AUGUST: 800$ Minimum required (600$ Friday and Sunday weddings)

SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER: 1000$ (800$ Friday and Sunday weddings)

NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER 800$ (500$ Friday and Sunday weddings)

We don't work on Thanksgiving,  Christmas eve, Christmas day, New years eve or New year day in the afternoon or evening.